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Warren and Helen Talbot

Warren and Helen Talbot
Creating Their Legacy

by Taylor Becket

As Warren Talbot reflects back on the course of events that have shaped his life, it is apparent that his faith has been a constant presence and evolving focus. Born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1922, Warren moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where as a young man he signed up to serve in the Air Force the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Warren's mother was uneasy with his decision to join the Air Force, to say the least, but Warren promised her that he would not be harmed.

Warren's service in the Air Force took him to various parts of the country, but he was able to keep his promise to his mother and remained unharmed. Warren attributes his safety to his faith and also believes it is his faith that eventually led him back to Kansas City, where he met the love of his life--Helen.

Although Warren dropped out of active church service during the War, once back in Kansas City, he re-established himself at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. In fact, Warren met his future bride, Helen, at a Church gathering. Shortly thereafter Warren took Helen on a date to an ice hockey game and the two have been inseparable since.

Warren and Helen currently reside in Southern California and have thoughtfully chosen Pepperdine University to assist them in establishing their legacy. Their first experience with Pepperdine was in 2000 through the creation of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust that continues to provide Warren and Helen a lifetime stream of income. As a result of their deep satisfaction with the quality and strength of their original Unitrust, the Talbot's created a Testamentary Unitrust in 2007 for the benefit of their two children.

The Testamentary Unitrust is an ideal fit for the Talbot family's philanthropic legacy because it achieves three significant goals. First, the original Charitable Remainder Unitrust provides a lifetime income stream to Warren and Helen while the 2007 Testamentary Unitrust will provide a lifetime income stream for their children. Second, this plan provides maximum flexibility as to their assets during their lives, and third, the Talbot's are reassured knowing that their children will never outlive the income from the Testamentary Unitrust.

Warren and Helen's philosophy on charitable giving was best summarized by Warren when he said "if you're giving while you're living, you're knowing where it's going." This sentiment is important to them because they have seen how the settling and management of an estate can divide a family, especially after a parent or spouse has passed away. The Talbot's goal was to establish a trust that would not only provide lifetime income and security to them and to their children, but also prevent conflict and legal disputes within the family. Establishing the trusts also serves to prohibit "splurge spending" by the successors.

The Talbot's chose Pepperdine University to establish their legacy because of their belief in the University's integrity, Christian mission and dedication to higher education. As the Talbot's have grown in relationship with Pepperdine, individual friendships have been cultivated. Any concerns they may have had about creating Charitable Trusts have been overcome by their confidence in Pepperdine University.

Warren and Helen credit the staff of the Center for Estate and Gift Planning for their ability to create an accurate and reliable trust plan. Through the creation of their Pepperdine University Unitrust and Testamentary Trust, Warren and Helen have solidified the future of their assets and can rest assured knowing that many generations of students to come will be blessed by their generous giving.