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Gift Annuity

Gift Annuity
Meet Carol Whalin

Mrs. Carol Whalin ('61) belongs to a "Pepperdine Family." She attended George Pepperdine College (GPC) in the late 1950s along with her sister and brother-in-law. To date, eight of her family members have graduated from Pepperdine. Carol says, "When I bleed, I bleed orange and blue!" In fact, for her recent 70th birthday, her living room was decorated with a Pepperdine theme. Her walls were lined with birthday cards sent from her GPC sorority sisters and other treasured Pepperdine friends.

"My favorite memories [of GPC] are all the friends I made," she says of her college experience, which included membership in the Sigma Phi Gamma sorority. When asked, "Why Pepperdine?" she said, "Pepperdine was the place where you wanted to go. Pepperdine had that prestigious feel; it had wonderful teachers and was a great place."

Carol is now in what she describes as a life transition. She recently sold her home and had to decide how to reinvest her proceeds. Carol discussed her options with her sister Susan Giboney ('62) and decided that Pepperdine University would be a great place to invest. Carol liked the option of creating a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) because it would pay her fixed income for life, provide her with an income tax deduction which will help her save on income taxes, and allow her to invest in students at Pepperdine. Carol's gift will be added to a scholarship fund established to honor the life and memory of her brother-in-law, Terry Giboney ('61). Her philosophy in donating to Pepperdine is that "donating to what you believe" in turn "gives back to you."

Meet Traci Himes

As a senior at Seaver College, Traci Himes is working hard towards her goal of becoming a speech pathologist. She is a psychology major who plans on attending graduate school for speech pathology. Traci has been a recipient o the Terry Giboney Endowed Scholarship for all four of her years at Seaver College. She is very appreciative of her opportunity to receive this assistance. Traci told us, "If it were not for these scholarships, I would not be able to attend Pepperdine and I would not be on this path. I have been so blessed with that. Somehow, God pulls through every semester."

Traci grew up in Orange County, California, and is the fourth of five siblings. She is inspired to work with children. "This past summer, I worked at a day camp in my hometown. I encountered a 5-year-old boy with a stuttering problem. I had a chance to talk to him for a little bit. He struggled to speak for a while and I tried to encourage him to get out what he was trying to say without saying it for him. It made me feel encouraged by him that this really is the path that God is calling me to. That inspired me to continue in this direction as my career choice."

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