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Bob and Denise Beaman

Bob and Denise Beaman
Bob and Denise Beaman, local college sports fans, have a knack for spotting excellence and quality. As they watched a friend's high-school age daughter mature into a basketball-playing dynamo, they believed this was someone to get on Pepperdine's recruiting list. So Thousand Oaks-based United Parcel Service executive Bob, along with his wife of twenty-nine years, Denise, became unofficial scouts in their hometown of Kansas City, keeping Pepperdine women's basketball coach Trakh well apprised of this up-and-coming talent. Bob and Denise are hopeful for a successful career for their protégé, who will play this fall at the university.

The Beamans also demonstrated their belief in Pepperdine's long-term academic mission, when they chose to endow the University this last August with a gift from their charitable trust. On November 4, 2002, the Beamans were honored on campus, when the lower patio of the dining center was dedicated in recognition their major gift. The Robert and Denise Beaman Patio offers visitors a 180+ degree vista of the Pacific coast, and overlooks the athletic venues whose competitive programs and players first captured their imaginations.

Currently the director of security, Bob has worn many executive hats in his successful, thirty-one-year career at UPS. Like many loyal executive families, however, the Beamans found themselves with a portfolio heavily weighted in highly appreciated, insider stock. Bob and Denise sought diversification and a way to extract income without suffering a large tax hit. A financial advisor suggested that the same Pepperdine that fields winning athletic teams likewise had a team of tax and legal pros, who would address their financial needs and they could do some good besides. The Beamans were introduced to Keith Hinkle, Director of the Center for Estate and Gift Planning, who consulted with Bob and Denise and eventually drafted their trust documents. "Keith was great," says Bob, "not overbearing, no pressure, thorough, and completely professional."

"The charitable remainder unitrust is the perfect plan for people like the Beamans, who have a lot of 'paper gain,' diversification risk, income needs, and who are still years away from retirement," says Hinkle. It's the only gift plan that allows for income growth, but more importantly, Bob and Denise are making a difference in students' lives, and for that we're extremely grateful."

"We thought about this a lot, and there's no doubt that we made the right decision," says Bob. "We know that Pepperdine will maintain high levels of excellence academically and athletically, and it's where we feel our money will best help people." Denise adds, "Pepperdine is a welcoming place, and I appreciate the Christian atmosphere. And if my kids were still high school age, I'd do everything to get them to go there."

The Center for Estate and Gift Planning specializes in custom gift plans, like the Beamans', that endow the University, while providing tax and income benefits to the donors. If you, too, are looking for ways to make a difference, contact Stephanie Buckley for information or to request a free proposal.